Repeal Common Core

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Repeal Common Core

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Click HERE to read A Constitutional Review of New Hampshire Article 6 by Doris Hohensee – this is a must read if you wish to better understand the 200+ year battle to “control” Education in New Hampshire.

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Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s education, not the State and not the Federal Government operating under the doctrine of Parens Patriea  Click this link for a description of Parens Patriea

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Could you pass this 1895, Selina Kansas, 8th Grade Final Exam ?

If not, then what makes us think the Department of Education is looking out for the best interest of Our children? They have no evidence to offer us to show that they have improved the educational system.

What happened to the 2600+ New Hampshire School Districts that existed in the 1850’s as a result of the original Article VI of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights which gave parents an option to Opt Out and take their tax money to another district or to create their own district with other parents if that’s what it took to teach their children according to the dictates of their own conscience?

This link will take you to the original Article VI (6) of the 1784 New Hampshire Bill of Rights

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get involved in your community, there’s no telling what your presence alone can mean to the others that are fighting to preserve and restore Parental Rights in New Hampshire

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3 thoughts on “Repeal Common Core”

  1. This has been a self perpetuating avalalanche of the “sacred cow “educational establishment”, snowing and baffling parents about how much better the state can prepare our children for the future. Common Core is but another step to ultimately completely separate our youth from the powerful history of our Republic? When was the last time we taught about the Declaration of Independence? Specifically, how Jefferson’s eloquent words, essentially said, that “human rights” are from a divine source that we are endowed by our Creator? When were our children in the past half century been been blessed with the knowledge in government schools that, “Jefferson further stated that governments are instituted among men to secure these rights?”When has it been taught to them that our Constitution started out “limiting government” to the “Bill of Rights” which starts out by saying “Congress shall make no law against the following limits on government power”; or, how government is limited horizontally with “checks and Balances between the Executive, Legislative and judicial branches”; and vertically by Federal, State ,County and local government?”

    This is a dark picture of parents retreating from the self evident truths that has made our nation great for almost a century . This retreat must stop! This has been the history that our children have paid a terrible price for: for “professional educators” have been driving a powerful wedge into the traditional family which has been one of the many powerful, if not the key pillar of Western Civilization. This has been their attitude and this is is their agenda. We must draw a line against this avalanche that advocates aliens philosophies that throughout history have destroyed civilizations. Cicero has words that the Educational establishment is working to implement and always has: “He who is ignorant of what went one before his birth, will always remain a child.” Well said Russ Payne – thanks!

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