Wrongful Foreclosures

Click HERE to Read and Sign the Petition

Sponsored by State Reps Tim Comerford and John Hikel

To End Wrongful Foreclosures in New Hampshire, to bring relief to the Victims of Wrongful Foreclosure and to Bring Integrity back to the County Land Records 

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Click HERE to view Mrs. Miller’s first interview

with State Reps Kevin Avard and Tim Commerford

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Click HERE to view Mrs. Miller’s Second Interview 

with Rep Kevin Avard

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Click HERE to view the Chris King Video

about Mrs. Millers Case and other Wrongful Foreclosures in New Hampshire

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The following PDF’s show Mrs. Miller’s Struggle to Keep her home from greedy bankers and careless/corrupt judges. 

Miller – Redress Petition #10

Miller – Story and Results of Redress Petition #10

Miller – Affidavit of Marie McDonnell – 12.3.2012

Miller – EXHIBITS A – F

Miller – EXHIBIT – G – Kenneth Brown Order

Wrongfull Foreclosure 1

Below are the recently enacted Massachusetts statutes which seek to resolve some of these issues.

Mass Attorney General – 940CMR25

Mass 209CMR56


Questions or Suggestions ?

Contact us at Petition@NHRedress.info


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