People’s Orders To Vacate, Cease & Desist

cropped-senate_chamber4.jpgClick HERE to Read & Sign the People’s Orders to Vacate, Cease & Desist

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Click HERE if you’re a New Hampshire Legislator, past or present, or if you have ever officially declared a run for a Legislative Office

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Click HERE if you want to know WHETHER or NOT your Legislator, past present or future, supports an Unadulterated Constitutional Article 31 Process as evidenced by the Senate and House Journals at the Secretary of State Archive on Fruit street in Concord.

There is not much to ponder upon, this is a no-brainer; like anyone else requiring your oversight and discipline, Elected Officials that violate their Oaths of Office and the Public Trust without consequence soon learn that the rules are not really that important.

Over 600 hundred People signed the STAND YOUR GROUNDpetition sponsored by State Reps John Hikel, Lenette Peterson and Al Baldasaro in April 2013, yet despite the Article 31 mandate for the legislature to assemble and address the Peoples Petitions and Remonstrances, those 600+ People’s voices have fallen on deaf ears while the entire Legislature condones the interference of their Right to Petition.

The Peoples Orders to Vacate, Cease & Desist are being issued by you, THE PEOPLE, in an attempt to dislodge the Constitutional Article 31 Redress Process which will quickly lead to the correcting of much bad legislation. If we DO NOT get Our Article 31 Redress Process back on track, we will continue to battle corrupt and/or ignorant legislators with increasing frequency.

Remember FRAM OIL filters?

“Pay me now, or Pay Me Later”

Contact your State Reps and ask them to Support this Order and your Right To Petition and to Be Heard by the LEGISLATURE

Help us make the Constitution and specifically Article 31 an election issue this coming season less we be overcome by those that wish to permanently destroy our Constitution and eventually our traditional New Hampshire way of life.

If Not Now, WHEN?

If NOT You, WHO?

Are you really still waiting for others to get the job done while you sit there on the couch and watch “DANCING WITH THE STARS“?  



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