Authority to Claim Redress


The Bills of Rights of all States are nothing less than a Declaration of the pre-existing Rights held by “The People” prior to the establishment of any government whose self-evident purpose is to secure the Rights of Man[kind]. If a Right is enumerated and/or established in one place or at one time i.e. . . Magna Carta, then it is held by all [wo]man, in all places, for all times.

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~  Redress Claims  ~

On June 2, 1784, We, the People of New Hampshire, saw fit to issue a direct mandate to the Legislature.

 Article 31 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights :

The legislature shall assemble for the redress of public grievances and for making such laws as the public good may require

Redress and Require are not idle words.
They were carefully chosen.
Use the Hyperlinks to see how these words were defined in 1828.

The Right to redress is the Right to Lay Claim before the General Court for any damages (harm, injury, loss) which result from any action or in-action (negligence) by the Government.

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~  Remonstrance Petitions  ~

Article 32 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights : 

“The People have a right, in an orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the common good, give instructions to their Representatives, and to request of the legislative body, by way of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.”

Whereas Redress Claims are used to make a man whole, Remonstrance Petitions are used for instructing and/or correcting the Government to avoid future claims (Loss Prevention)

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CLICK  HERE for a deeper look into these’s New Hampshire Processes

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Click HERE to see the Secretary of State’s 2917 page Consolidated Index of Claims and Petitions filed from the 1680’s.

These Claims  and Petitions were used well into the 1940’s

This 2917 page Consolidated Petition Index lists what appears to be well over 200,000 Petitioners that were heard before the New Hampshire General Court in that 140 year span of time and I have yet to find any Evidence of Petition Sponsorship.

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Here’s a sample of those Petitions

1776 June 5 – Redress Petition of the Congress at Exeter.

1780 April 25 – Petition to free Slaves

1784 May 15 – Redress Petition of the Guardians of the heirs of Phillip Eastman

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Click HERE to see a sample of the Claims and Petitions heard by the General Court in 1899

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Click HERE to see a sample of the Claims and Petitions heard by the General Court in 1895

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Click HERE for a sample of the Handwritten 1812 New Hampshire Senate Journal

the 1812 Senate Journal provides evidence of the process historically used by the Legislature to discharge its duty to Redress public Claims

See how Page 339 of the 1812 New Hampshire Senate Journal makes known the Historical Process for Redress i.e. … “The House of Representatives are now ready to meet in convention to proceed in the public hearings…” and again in the next paragraph “The Senate met the Hon. House in convention and after attending to the hearing on the petition of Elunt Eastman & David Chens …” and also afterward “…the convention arose with (*ea**) to sit again (**  the) Senate returned to their Chambers”


1812 June Session of the New Hampshire Senate on Google Books

1812 June Session – Journal of the Proceedings of the Senate (see page 34) pdf

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10 thoughts on “Authority to Claim Redress”

  1. Regarding the current debate about “Redress”

    Why do the Democrats and Republicans continue to argue about a non-constitutional Redress Committee when neither can disagree with the following facts?

    1. The People of New Hampshire created a government of, by and for themselves and not for “persons” that fill the various offices of that government.

    2. When the People Created that government, they surrendered up some of their natural Rights in order to ensure the protection of other Rights stating that “without such an equivalent the surrender of those Rights was void”.

    3. The People, in which all power resides and is derived from, clearly reserved for themselves the sole and exclusive right of self governance, going as far as to give a direct mandate to it’s new legislative creature at Article 31 stating “The legislature shall assemble for the redress of public grievance and for making such laws as the public good may require”

    4. The legislature, not Democrats and Republicans, has for at least 80 years, denied the People access to their General Court in which those Constituency Bills (grievances) must be heard.

    The People of that day were also politically divided yet they agreed that an undeniable process for the redress of public grievances needed to exist to equally protect them all from each other.

    Only 3 reasons can exist for the lack of an expedient Article 31 and 32 Redress process by which the People of New Hampshire can come forward and have their Grievances Redressed.

    · Either the state has not grieved the People in the last 80 years, or
    · The grieved People of New Hampshire lacked knowledge of Article 31 and 32, or
    · The legislature has an 80-year impeccable record of breaching the public trust.

    What is clear is that the people of New Hampshire have been denied access to their General Court and,
    Whereas the members of the legislature continue to perpetrate the unlawful denial of legislative Redress thereby condoning this breach of fiduciary duty to the public trust in violation of their Oath of Office and should therefore be forthwith removed according to RSA 92:2.

    Remaining is the question; where will the enforcement come from?
    Who will come forward to hold the guilty accountable?
    · The Adjutant General?
    · The National Guard?
    · The Provost Marshal?
    · The People Board of Review?

    Will you, the People of the Legislature, reconstruct an efficient Article 31/32 legislative process and put an end to this obvious violation of law or will you become a willing party to the existing corruption that has permeated the General Court since before most of us were ever born?

    • Gus,
      I’m ashamed to admit it, but for the 15 or more years I lived and worked in NH, I never read or understood what Art. 31 and 32 were all about. Just glanced over them, because I was looking for something else at the time, I guess. Must be that others overlooked them also. In all my years of activism there, NO ONE saw that there was an avenue of recourse included in the Constitution. Once someone’s eyes were opened, the agrieved people came to the fore with complaints, and the legislature was forced to act. Having the whole legislature to hear complaints would have been unnecessarily cumbersom, so a committee was suggested. It was fought at first, then a SUB-COMMITTEE was suggested. That was fought as well, but finally accepted without the power to enforce it’s recommendations. The result has been some 20 grievances heard, with 14 or more “FOUNDED”. But the Democrat/Progressives in the legislature REFUSE to create the laws needed to actually redress the grievances. So, to some, the Redress Committee appears to be a failure. But it’s not. It did it’s job of investigating the grievances, and then pointed out, in it’s reports, the corruption in the courts and in several agencies. Without the power to ENFORCE it’s recommendations, that’s all it can do.

      Now, it’s up to us, the people, to demand that the legislature live up to their oaths
      to protect the Constitution. It’s an uphill battle, as you’ve undoubtedly seen. For those Progressives, the stakes are high: the utter destruction of the fabric of our society, and of the nation itself. On the other side are fathers fighting for their right to BE fathers to their children. Right now, the Progressives hold the high ground, and they fight dirty. For us fathers, the question is clear: Do you want your sons and grandsons to have to go through this when they come of age?


  2. Beautiful, I wish I had known about this site before I made this movie; I would have included in the movie:


  3. Patriots have a tendency to neglect State Constitutions,..they are longer and there are fewer educational Organizations to teach State Constitutions…..This needs to Change !!

    • cwbnh1 said:

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    • cwbnh1 said:

      yes, Gus reads a lot, thank you for the point of non readers no different than those who can’t.

      My friend Gus does much and we all have paid greatly, fighting back is needed of the masses but the Dollar is dead or “killed” escape this atmosphere of dumb heards (the masses) because the control vacume will be deadly…

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