We as “Citizens” have less and less access to “Our” representatives

Each US House member currently represents about 735,000 people, and in lieu of adding representatives as the population grows, each representative merely adds more staff members.

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Elected State Representative Plaintiffs are sought for a current Article I Bill of Rights apportionment Lawsuit filed in US District Court in Washington DC.

Representatives from all States are needed to strengthen the case, and those from the original 13 States are Highly sought at this time

A conference call with the attorneys involved in the case will be held for any State Representatives that are interested in more information

A 3 Judge Trial Court has been formed to consider whether the original Article I (of 12) of the Bill of Rights dealing with the apportionment of the US House was properly passed.

The Amendment if properly ratified 200+ years ago would hold that each US House member should represent no more than 50,000 people.

The effect would be to increase the size of the US House and give the common citizens of America access to their representatives.

The folks (attorney’s & others) working on this case would like to get at least a half dozen Elected Representative Plaintiffs from each of the several States.

If you’re a current State Representative seeking more information,

Please Contact Upstanding Person at upstanding.person@gmail.com 

If you wish to help,

please forward this page to your State Representatives

and post a link to this page on your social media


Please forward this page to any one else that may share an interest in this issue. Click HERE to learn more about why you may wish to add yourself as a claimant in this case.

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